Project Update

Debating the First Principles of Transcultural Psychiatry will conclude on 31 August 2012.

Most of the project’s work currently takes place in the private password-protected forums on this site, where the project’s eleven collaborators, and some invited guests, are debating a number of issues in the fundamentals of transcultural psychiatry, as well as critically responding to literature from the field.

The online debate will be supplemented by a project Stocktaking Workshop (invitation only), which will take place on Saturday 18 August 2012 in Glasgow University. This will be an opportunity for collaborators to air their overall thoughts on the project’s debates, and to discuss ways in which to best disseminate and develop the project’s legacy.

After the Stocktaking Workshop, the project collaborators will prepare 500-1000 words position papers that will be hosted on the blog. Some contributors will also make podcasts of their reflections on the project. The project blog will also feature selected passages and highlights from the private forums.

For an inquiries about the project, please contact the Principal Investigator, Dr Gavin Miller,